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Written By  Dawn Abraham

Success Mastermind Group for Entrepreneurs that Will ROCK Your Business To Success
Like No Other! 

My Off the Hook Mastermind Groups are for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to a higher level and make it happen the smart way the first time! 


Now You Can

Quit Chasing Your Dreams and Start Living Them... Woo Hoo!


You Are No Longer in Business Alone 

My Mastermind Group is a mixture of learning networking and brainstorming. You get an accountability partner and a community of entrepreneurs that have similar dreams and goals. 

Success Master Mind Group a hand hold the letters ultimate

Imagine you know how to GRAB your audiences attention...

             and HOLD IT! 

It's about learning how to motivate and persuade your audience to do business with you...

It's about you learning how to think like a successful entrepreneur... 

Wouldn't it be great if you could learn to THINK like your customer...

If you knew what they needed to hear to close the deal when they get to your website?

It goes even farther than this...

It's the cure for every entrepreneurs nightmare...

Not understanding HOW to effectively market to your unique Niche audience.  

That is just the beginning of what you will get when you join my Success Mastermind Group. 

My popular  mastermind  Group  is a combination learning networking and brainstorming. 

I have helped thousands of Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs over the last twenty years to grow their businesses to record heights.  Starting after their first meeting things begin to shift for them. Join us you will have the time of your life and discover those secrets that you had NO idea you NEED to know to succeed.  

What I show you is gold, not the the typical stuff  you see everywhere around the Internet, I teach the things most people don't know. That explains  why everyone is so blown away from the minute the group starts until well after it's over  ツ 

What People Are Saying Who Joined My Mastermind Group

Peter Judar

CEO/Houghton Management Capital


"My recommendation is do whatever you have to but get into Dawn's Mastermind Group and watch your business literally take off."

Your Mastermind Group surpassed my expectations. Every call was a wealth of information on how to market and how to build a strong solid business.

The ideas I took away from the group has increased my visibility in my area of expertise on the internet in way that would have never happened if I wasn't in this group. My recommendation is do whatever you have to but get into Dawn's Mastermind Group and watch your business literally take off."

Connie Henriquez

Health and Abundant Lifestyle Coach


“Wow! The mastermind group was sooooo amazing!!!

At first, I was a bit hesitant as I had already done so much business training, however this was so different. Not only did it offer the “much”-needed foundation for all businesses to succeed but also the clarity it provided was undeniable.

Within 2 weeks of the group, not only did I redefine my whole business model to fit my specific niche, but in my 3rd week alone I signed up 4 new clients AND my business has been growing at a rapid rate ever since. Dawn, you are the best and I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to get in the group when I did.


Suzanne Rose Lubkowski

Suzanne Rose Lubkowski

Certified Intuitive Life and Wellness Coach


It was serendipity and a divine timing experience to find Dawn's mastermind group. I signed up because one of my clients wanted me to participate in his Mastermind group and I hadn't been part of a MM group for a long while. What did I find?

I found a dynamic group of professionals who not only have a great deal to offer; but are willing to share and support each other and each other's businesses and success.

I found Dawn to be extremely knowledgeable about online marketing including social media and to offer her learning's with openness, fun and do everything she can to allow her experiences to be of benefit to the whole group, individually and collectively.

I found the experience to be extremely beneficial to myself personally and for my business. With the support of the group and my M.M. partner, I was able to clarify and move through some of the business issues I had been struggling for months.

The Mastermind group experience was so beneficial to me that I made the decision to join Dawn's Networking Community. I desire to be a part of a group of ladies and gentlemen that are professionals and who want the success of each other's business as well as their own. Each person I have had the privilege of working with and getting to know is a giver. The tools you will learn can only benefit your business greatly and personally help your own self-development.

So I invite you to join the Mastermind group experience. I am glad I did and I feel you will also. Don’t wait, sign up today!

Success Mastermind Group for Entrepreneurs

Every client that has taken the action steps laid out in my Mastermind Group have experienced their client base, influence and brand awareness increase right away and continue to soar with each call.

**Warning This Mastermind Group Will Bring You More Business and Increase Your Income***

A Few of the Benefits You Will Gain from my Success Mastermind Group:

ü You learn how to boost your influence on social networks and in business to gain trust and respect.

That result in: 

  • More clients from social media
  • People are Willing to Pay More
  • You Get Offered Many Free Gifts Just to Try a Product
  • Requests to speak at events
  • Seminars, workshops
  • Guest on radio and TV shows
  • Magazine and ezine interviews the list is endless
  • Feature you on prime pages on targeted websites

Value=Priceless Without respect and influence you won't have many clients. 

ü your Millionaire Succesmindset. You will learn how to get rid of what's blocking your success.  How to replace limiting beliefs with Success Beliefs.  Value=Priceless  Without this there is no success! 

ü Eye-opening Business Changing insight. You get my expert feedback on what you are missing in your business. What you are doing that is hurting your business and what you can do to make your business stand out in the crowd you not only get more business but you learn how to establish yourself as the GO TO person in your industry.   

üYou Get my simple step by step formula on how to focus on the areas of your business that produce income. How to spend your time wisely so it equals money and not frustration.  Value=MILLIONS!! Without this you won't make hundreds let alone millions. 


üYou discover your Niche= what makes you a Superstar?  How to best position yourself in business based on your target market. 

  • How to find your target market
  • How to talk to your target market so they hear you
  • trust you
  • Like you
  • Do business with you

Value:  I charge $1, 750.00 for Niche Discovery and Target Market Branding = $1,750.00 this is included for FREE


üYou Get my secrets on how to get people to easily buy from you over and over again without having to "sell" them.  You learn how to relate and speak to your target audience so they hear you.  Value: Priceless. I charge $265.00 an hour to teach people to do this.  It takes about 5 hours to get this down.  You get it here included in the group.  Total= $1,325.00

ü You Get the Coveted Methods to Branding Yourself so people remember you trust you and want to do business with you.  Value=Millions I charge $295.00 an hour for branding.  Most people need 5-6 hours with me to learn how to effectively brand themselves. Total=$1,770.00

üYou Get the secrets to writing delicious articles that blow people away. The result is people cannot resist signing up for your newsletter, subscribing to your blog and recommending their friends to visit your website. Value= I have a five week workshop How to Make Waay More Money With Your Blog.  

Price:$2,780.00 key portions of that class are included.

ü You get my proven method that will make you stand out from the crowd and attract people to you like crazy.  You will learn the one thing I use that never fails that will make you the star of any party. 

ü  You Get My Top Twenty Effective Website Traffic Increasing Tips that  Dramatically Improve Your conversation  rates. Value=295.00 an hour for optimizing your website and showing you other ways to drive targeted traffic to your site. That can take anywhere from 8-15 hours=$4,425.00

üMarketing and your Website   Website assessments done on one of the calls. You get the ticket to a hot website that produces income. I tell you what you need to change or add to be taken seriously and trusted.  (value of a website assessment=PRICELESS!) I charge $885.00 to do a website assessment with full recommendations. This is included in the groups curriculum. 

üYou Get my Top Ways to Promote Your Business for Free that Work Every Time.  Without promotion no one knows about you. Value= Millions

ü  You Get a Strong solid foundation for your business one in which you can count on  your business to be there and continue to grow and prosper even in the tough times.(without this your business will fail it is inevitable.)value=EVERYTHING! Whatever the value is to you for having your own business. 

üYou get my easy method and blue print to follow that gives you a successful marketing plan that results in a steady stream of clients who are interested in what your business offers. 

ü You get an weekly Accountability partner from the group to collaborate with every week and beyond if you like. Value=the price of a life coach every week for a year=$12,720 a year.  You get that FREE here. 

üYou Get Motivation and inspiration armed with knowledge and direction that will increase your business up to 75% within a two weeks of implementation . 

ü You Get the Key to Mastering Social Media for your Business. Value=I charge $995.00 for 2 private session's guaranteed to get you a flood of business from Social media.  Some of my most valued techniques are included in the mastermind  group. 

üYou Get My Proven Method for Obtaining and Cherishing a Positive Success Mindset that attracts people like crazy. Value= OUT OF THIS WORLD! You can't put a price on this. But... if you don't have it nothing else you do will matter. TOTAL= What is your potential- Millions of dollars.

üYou get bright professional like minded members to brainstorm and network with in the group and beyond.  Value=PRICELESS 

üYou get Free Workbooks after each meeting with Free tools, apps. and websites that offer quick fun and easy ways to get the work part of your business handled the smart way. 

üYou get Video recordings of each meeting to watch refreshing your memory and filling in the things you may have missed. 

You get full 20 page ebook of all my secrets that has made me tens of thousands of dollars every month. 

You get tools that will make you seem like a genie. You will suddenly have at your fingertips amazing tools that gives you the solutions to most of the things that keep you up at night.

For instance writing killer headlines that will get you the click.  Remembering who you spoke to on social media months ago and what you said and what they said.

That is just a small sample of what you will never have to worry about again once you join my mastermind group.  Value= Difficult to put a price on this somewhere in the millions.   

FTotal Estimated Value of

                    Mastermind Group=$24,900.00

Really the value is priceless because you walk away with a healthy viable thriving business coupled with a vision an accountability brainstorming partner and laser focus to name a few things. 

Don't forget to bring your wings...because we are going to FLY!  Woo Hoo! Let's go save your seat now this group will sell out. 

Success Mastermind Group for Entrepreneurs

The Extra Bonuses You Get That Are Life Savers!!

You have found a business support/motivational group for life if you want that, it is part of what you get when you join my mastermind. It's similar to a lifetime membership

Yes, you heard right once you become a mastermind member you go to alumni status when the group is over.  That means that all these extraordinary benefits belows are included for FREE. 


Mastermind Group Alumni Status Perks/Benefits   


v  Promotions  I have I often include my clients so you can get out there and get a head start. It very difficult to get invited to those unless you have a huge list and major social media connections.   

v  I Hold Mastermind Tweetchats twice a month for the members and alumni. Anyone of course is welcome to go but the members are the ones that decide what the tweetchats are about in the area of growing your business.  

v  I include my mastermind peeps in many opportunities that I get on a daily basis. I often invite them to special groups events or summits where you can grow your list and get your name out there. 

You have the opportunity to be featured in my newsletter that has over 44,000 subscribers in the client spot light so you can grow you business a little fast and a little bigger than you would on your own. (okay a lot more than if you were on your own)

v  I created a support group for the alumni mastermind  members to easily support and look out for each other.  I am right there doing what I preach supporting you and promoting you to my 190,000.00 social media connections. 

 v  You know how impossible it is to promote your programs when you don't have a big list.  Most people will not help you when it comes to that. It leaves you out there all alone on your own... not anymore.   We will support you by tweeting what you're doing commenting liking it and word of mouth. 

v  You will find that everyone in group is willing to share what they know to help make your life easier.  My peeps are a cut above and they know that what comes around goes around.  

v  We all get there and support each other's programs services events and blog posts. 

v  Your support reach goes farther than just your group.  You are now connected my larger group of entrepreneurs who have taken my mastermind in the last year and the ones that will come after you as well.   

v  It is similar to having a family online for your business needs and to have fun.


Picture having somewhere to go when you need help and your confused and wonder are you making the right decision. Can you see it how cool it is having other people to run things by, stay motivated and brainstorm with?  For those times when you need a soft place to fall after a rough day.  

   I also assign everyone a partner that you can keep after the group is over. You really do get all the tools you need to succeed.  

We all have so much fun everyday this is one of the best success programs on the Internet by far. 


All while you are having fun.


That is just the beginning... 




"I Have Been Facilitating This Mastermind Group for Eight Years. When Something Rocks Like This Does You Keep Doing it."  Dawn Abraham


What People Are Saying Who Joined My Mastermind Group

Marla Bollak Intuitive Personal Coach

Marla Bollak

Intuitive Personal Coach


Dawn's Mastermind group experience is transformational. I wouldn't have thought that 5 weeks with 8 other women could be so valuable, especially given the generous pricing.

If you want to take your business to the next level, receive valuable guidance and feedback; consider taking 5 weeks to attend Dawn Abraham's Mastermind group. You'll be glad you did, and sad when it ends.

Pat Alvater

Pat Altvater

Sales Coach for Women Entrepreneurs


WOW – Thanks for the comprehensive handouts during the mastermind. I really enjoyed hearing about everyone’s tag lines and businesses. It was so much fun to open up my email the morning after the social media course and find so many people following me from the Twitter follows I did the night before.

I truly benefited from participating in the mastermind program. I understand now so much more about how to have an integrated approach for my tag line, blog posts, and social media all based upon using keywords. Now I am much more deliberate in what I do and it’s producing results – more visits to my website, more opt-ins on my website and more clients!! Thanks for this powerful program.


 Limited Space Available. **

Sign Up Now To Make Sure You Get Your Spot


Time: 5 weeks.

Space is limited to ten participates. Average group size: 6-8 people.

New Group

Oct. 1, 2015 through Oct. 29, 2015

4:00 PM -6:00 PM Pacific Time 7:00-9:00 PM ET


***Special Early Bird Signup Price***

63% OFF

$297.00- Good Until Sept 12, 2015 

or 3 Easy Payments of $99.00 

Regular Price: $795.00

100% Money Back  No Questions Asked

Satisfaction Guaranteed  if you are not satisfied after the first call You Can Have All Your Money Back Period. 

Yes Dawn I am Ready to Take My Business To The Next Level

Mastermind payment

100% Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked If After The First Week You Don't Like it Tell Us and You Will Get 100% of Your Money Back. No Risk to You!

Chery Schmidt

Online Social Media Specialist

"If you are struggling to figure out why you are not getting results in your business or if you want to know how to get started the right way with your business the first time,I highly recommend you to join one of Dawn's Mastermind Groups."

I came across Dawn’s blog a few months ago and immediately downloaded her meditation MP3s.


I couldn't believe she was actually giving these away for free. Since then I have been returning on a regular basis.One day I was reading about a Mastermind Group she was putting together so I reached out to her assistant Sandy to get all the details. Well the next thing I knew I was signed up and ready for the first Mastermind session.

The first session Dawn had us all introduce ourselves and we got to know everyone in the group on a personal level. I loved this part and I loved the next part even better. Dawn picked partners for all of us and let me tell you she picked the “Perfect Partner” for me.

After talking for the first time to my partner we found out that we both had so much in common and we couldn't believe that Dawn knew that we needed to be together.I not only have my partner but I have the whole group now to mastermind with forever. It is so nice to have like minded friends that challenge and motivate me when I need it most.

This is not all Dawn has done for me she taught me how to get a strategy together for my Social Media Sites. Oh I have been on facebook, Twitter, Google+ but never really knew how to go about really using it. I learned I was just there pretty much wasting time. Now I have a plan and I love it.

There is even more. Dawn helped me to understand myself better and I now have my tag line as well as my hub statement.


Heck I didn't even know what a Hub Statement was, but Dawns formula made it easy for me to figure out exactly what I have to offer to others. I have to let you know I am more focused and I now have a game plan for success. I am more confident with myself as well as my business.

I do know there is still a lot of work ahead of me but thanks to Dawn I am now know exactly what I need to do. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with others and moving forward with renewed hope.


If you are struggling to figure out why you are not getting results in your business or if you want to know how to get started the right way with your business the first time,I highly recommend you to join one of Dawn's Mastermind Groups.

This is the best thing that has happened to me and for this I will be forever Grateful to Dawn.

Rosa Lokaisingh

Rosa Lokaisingh

Certified Career Transition Coach


I know that by being in the Masterminding Coaching group last month, it was the best thing I could have done for me and my business right now. This class certainly got me taking action immediately, as everyone on the calls were so inspiring, positive and motivated.

What was better was that each coach was already successful, and shared how beneficial it was to have a masterminding group, as it allowed them to continuously see what was working, and what didn't  I actually witnessed transformation in others by simply following through with the ideas and suggestions shared on the calls.

My desire to take action rose from 50% to 100% in one week, and it just exploded by week 3. I started my web site, and will have it completed by this weekend. This only took me 3 weeks from when I actually started. I also learned a whole lot more about marketing and promoting myself and my services through social media.

My motivation level is so much higher at work, and I am attracting some very amazing people all within a month, including mentors, and exceptional leaders in the field of successful entrepreneurs. I can clearly see the momentum building and continuing for a long time yet.

Thanks to Dawn and all these amazing mastermind members, I had a chance to meet and now work with. I instantly joined Dawns Coaching Community, as I know for sure, that I will be moving in the right direction for the rest of my life! I am on purpose, like never before, but this time, with ACTION! Thanks to all for sharing such passion in our communication!

Luann Lee

TV Host/TV Producer

Luann Lee on LinkedIn

I love your Mastermind Groups!

This is my second time taking Dawn's mastermind group and I have to give you a big recommendation. I joined this group so I could get moving on completing my book that has been sitting around collecting dust. Not only did Dawn help get me motivated but the new ideas I received from Dawn and the group helped me get right out of feeling blocked.

I'm getting ideas on how to market my book plus ideas on how to write a best seller, things I never dreamed I could take away from a Mastermind Group.

Dawn you are the top Mastermind, you have real talent for this and I am so grateful you are doing these groups. We are all very lucky to have such a busy and talented businesswoman as our coach and Mastermind.

Sign up it will end up being the best thing you did for your career ever. You will be thanking you're lucky stars you found such an amazing mix of learning, networking & Masterminding.

Roberta L. Bemiller, Professional Coach

RLB Coaching and Career Consulting, LLC


I couldn't wait for the next call. Remarkable!

The energy, passion, and expertise that Dawn brought to the Mastermind Group was phenomenal! I couldn't wait to get started on my strategic plan, and I always looked forward to our next call! 

Dawn is truly a remarkable and gifted coach!

**Get your 15 min. FREE Consultation Regarding the Mastermind Group choose that option & a representative will email you to Schedule an appointment to speak with Dawn.

Dawn will go over the group with you answer any questions and help you determine if this is something you will benefit from.  

Sign up for 15 min. FREE Consultation about the Mastermind Group 

"We are never given a Dream without also being given the means to realize it."


 Limited Space Available. **

Sign Up Now To Make Sure You Get Your Spot


Time: 5 weeks.

Space is limited to ten participates. Average group size: 6-8 people.

New Group

Oct. 1, 2015 through Oct. 29, 2015

4:00 PM -6:00 PM Pacific Time 7:00-9:00 PM ET


***Special Early Bird Signup Price***

63% OFF

$297.00- Good Until Sept 12, 2015 

or 3 Easy Payments of $99.00 

Regular Price: $795.00

100% Money Back  No Questions Asked

Satisfaction Guaranteed  if you are not satisfied after the first call You Can Have All Your Money Back Period. 

Yes Dawn I am Ready to Take My Business To The Next Level

Mastermind payment

What People Are Saying Who Joined My Mastermind Group

Monica Davis

Monica Davis

Publisher/TV Producer


If you’re ready to take charge of your life, your business, & achieving your goals, I recommend Dawn’s Mastermind Group.

Dawn has a natural ability to help you find a clear path to your goals and succeed in ways you never thought of.

Since joining her Mastermind Group, my website traffic has increased greatly and I’ve learned several new ways to promote my business and achieve quick and excellent results.

If you’re ready to take charge of your life and your business, begin living your dreams and achieving your goals, I recommend you join Dawn’s Mastermind Group.

Ryan Wegman

Ryan Wegman

Certified Land Banking Specialist

Ryan Wegman

If You Want More Business, You Don’t Want to Miss Dawn’s Mastermind Group!

Looking forward to next year. You and the rest of the team have been a blessing for me. Thanks for the push.

The mastermind group is awesome. I am convinced of being your fan and mentee...

The Mastermind Groups meet weekly. Every week we will meet on a webinar platform using your computer with screen sharing and a conference line as an option to listening & talking through a headset using your computer . Everyone gets a Workbook jam packed with information secrets and pure GOLD!! PDF for the week with all the information I cover.

Includes links to websites and apps. that are suggested.  We will discuss progress on your personal and business goals and holding the right mindset for manifesting your dreams.

You get an accountability partner that you will be paired with allowing you to work together at least one day a week for an hour in between Mastermind calls on completing the goals for each meeting as well as your main goal for the mastermind group as a whole.

The calls are approximately 2 hours. with question & answer after the call for additional questions. 


 Limited Space Available. **

Sign Up Now To Make Sure You Get Your Spot


Time: 5 weeks.

Space is limited to ten participates. Average group size: 6-8 people.

New Group

Oct. 1, 2015 through Oct. 29, 2015

4:00 PM -6:00 PM Pacific Time 7:00-9:00 PM ET


***Special Early Bird Signup Price***

63% OFF

$297.00- Good Until Sept 12, 2015 

or 3 Easy Payments of $99.00 

Regular Price: $795.00

100% Money Back  No Questions Asked

Satisfaction Guaranteed  if you are not satisfied after the first call You Can Have All Your Money Back Period. 

Yes Dawn I am Ready to Take My Business To The Next Level


Mastermind payment

What You Can Expect From My Popular Mastermind Groups for Entrepreneurs

Week 1.  Laying your foundation and committing to where you want to go with your business. 

  • Re-defining/discovering your Niche
  • Creating a winning tagline HUB statement
  • Creating a picture of your practice/Bussiness.
  • Branding You to Win.
  • Your success/marketing  plan.
  • Long term goals & the big picture. 

Introducing yourself to the group, everyone goes over the goal you want to achieve by the end of the Mastermind Group.

Week 2.  How to grow your business using social media. (which platforms are for you/your brand and why you have to be on at least one top social media site no matter what.) 

  • How to successfully do Social Networking
  • How to get clients from twitter
  • How to get clients from facebook
  • How to get clients from LinkedIn
  • What You will get out of Google + that makes it worth being there.
  • How to build Trust with your audience
  • How to become an influencer
  • How to firmly Establish your Expertise
  • Balancing social media and your other responsibilities.
  • (*bonus call on social media or it may end up on one of the other topics. that is 70 min.)
  • Website marketing the importance of color
  • Where to position your opt-in form and other important items on your site.

Week 3. Keywords Search Blogging and Opt-in form/Newsletter 

  • Keywords
  • SEO
  • How to Drive a Tremendous Amount of Traffic to Your Website
  • How to Position Yourself as an Expert on the Web.
  • How to get on the first page of Google and other search engines.
  • How to promote your blog and website with social media
  • Additional ways to get traffic to your website

  • Passive Income
  • How to use your blog to get clients
  • Show your expertise attract interviews
  • speaking engagements,  radio and TV interviews.
  • How to Building your newsletter list
  • You get an outline on how to your newsletter together
  • What you need to do to build your list
  • How to get your target audience to open your emails
  • How to get people to sign up for your list

 Week 4. Continuation of week three with emphasis on website marketing and if needed added social media tips and instructions.


·         Branding and your website

·         How to get visitors to stay longer on your site

·         How to get visitors to come back

·         How to show you are an expert with your website

·         What you should never do if you want visitors to turn into clients

·         How to construct a successful landing page for more conversions

·         Why you have little or no traffic

·         How to sell more with your website

·         A brief website assessment and evaluation of each member's website with tips on what needs improvement in order for you to get business from your website

·         Your newsletter on your website position colors and wording for success

Week 5. Creating an Abundant Success Mind-set

  • How to tap into your positive mindset and keep that door open
  • How to break through Any blocks 
  • success money or happiness 
  • How to use your success mindset to create anything you want.
  • This is intensive and deals with fears and blocks that may be stopping you and you don't even realize
  • Goals how to use them to achieve any desire you have

We go over your exit plan for continuing your momentum and what you need to have in place that makes sure you continue to make the progress you are making in the group. 

Reserve your space now! My Mastermind Groups fill up quickly! To register for the group please fill out the short easy registration form below and then click on the Paypal button to make your payment. You are not confirmed until payment is made.

Thank You! And congratulations on taking this exciting step to creating your ideal business and learning how to think like a Millionaire.


 Limited Space Available. **

Sign Up Now To Make Sure You Get Your Spot


Time: 5 weeks.

Space is limited to ten participates. Average group size: 6-8 people.

New Group

Oct. 1, 2015 through Oct. 29, 2015

4:00 PM -6:00 PM Pacific Time 7:00-9:00 PM ET


***Special Early Bird Signup Price***

63% OFF

$297.00- Good Until Sept 12, 2015 

or 3 Easy Payments of $99.00 

Regular Price: $795.00

100% Money Back  No Questions Asked

Satisfaction Guaranteed  if you are not satisfied after the first call You Can Have All Your Money Back Period. 

Yes Dawn I am Ready to Take My Business To The Next Level

Mastermind payment

**Get your 15 min. Consultation with Dawn if you have any questions regarding the Mastermind Group choose that option when you sign up now.

Thank you. Talk to you soon!

100% Money Back Guarantee if after the first call you are not satisfied I will refund 100% of your money. 

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