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Written By  Dawn Abraham

How to Write an Article in 13 Steps That Blow People Away

The goal of this article is to show you how to write an article that makes people stand up and take action.

How to write an article a girl with a laptop just finished writing

Do you know what it takes to blow people away when writing an article? I reveal thirteen vital elements to writing an unforgettable to die for article.  You do not want to overlook any of these steps so get your pen or ipad out because you are going to want to take fast and furious notes and come back often to read my updates. 


How to Write an Article the 13 Keys to Success


1.  Always, write what you KNOW. You need to be very familiar with the subject you are writing. Research when writing an article because the subject is not your expertise, may get you a pass but it won't blow people away. Stick to what you know and  are passionate about, it will show in your writing. 

2. Write with personality and plenty of it.  You want to entertain and engage your readers. What makes your blog stand out is your unique voice. The one they can't hear anywhere else.  One way to do this is inject humor where it fits. While staying true to your natural personality.

If you try and force humor, people will see through it in a second.  If forced it can come across as desperate and that = GAME OVER!  Relax... breath... be authentic.

3. A KILLER headline is mandatory.  Your headline is the most significant part of writing an article. The headline will make or break you.  I can't put enough emphasis on this. People will never read your article if the headline does not capture their attention.  

One thing I always ask people in my blogging workshops, if you heard your headline would it inspire you to stop what you're doing on a busy day to read the article. If not, you need to go back to the drawing board.

Follow these Headline Rules How to Write an Article:

  • Does it tell people what they get when they read your blog?
  • Does it have a benefit they will take away?
  • Does it offer mystery or intrigue?
  • Would you want to click on it? 

how to write an article motivation

4Deliver Deliver Deliver! Did I say deliver? Value Value Value... don't just toss in your blog post because you feel pressured to churn out a blog a day.  Be deliberate and meticulous with your writing give it room to breathe.  You will experience a substantial difference when you provide a quality article that is packed with the type of value your audience is craving. It is better to blog  less and end up with a higher quality article that people want to link to and share with their friends.

How to Write an Article That Delivers Value: 

  • Do you offer solutions to a problem?
  • Do you provide lists of tools or websites etc. that make your audiences life easier?
  • Are you sharing something with your readers they either can't find on their own or it's difficult to find?
  • Do you show your readers how to implement any tips or suggestions in the article? 
  • Do you use Photos, Videos, Infographics, Podcasts, Slideshows etc.? 

***Remember Go The Extra Mile. Anyone can write a list and say do this but not anyone can show people how to do this.  If you show them and include easy links to resources that will assist them to achieve what you are suggesting people will link to you. They link to you because your article is now a valuable "how to" resource and they want to come back for all the great info. you have provided and visit the links you suggested.

People will want to share your article because it shows their followers/audience they are connected to great content and able to provide it building their status and credibility. 

5Your opening paragraph is almost as important as your headline. It has more than one job it must pull off.  It must hook the reader and reel them in.  If that opening paragraph is dull, they will click off your article or turn the page of the magazine faster than you can say BORING.

What you need to do is make the article engaging and informative.  It needs to grab the reader's attention and at the same time prove that it will deliver on the promise of the headline.

One way to make your opening paragraph engaging is by asking a question. Get them thinking and involved, that's engagement. Don't talk at them talk with them like you're having a conversation with your best friend. To make it personal use the word you throughout your article. 

  How to Write an Article That Creates Mystery 

6Create Mystery.  Give them a glimpse of what is forthcoming in your article. Don't give anything away but mention that you will be revealing the major secret to XYZ later in the article. This will ensure they read the whole article.


Nothing in the world can take the
place of persistence...Persistence and 
determination alone are a winning combination.                            

How to Write an Article It's Always About Your Reader

7. If you are writing for the web this is really important, keep your paragraphs  condensed.  You want three to four sentences maximum.  Also in-between each paragraph add two spaces that helps to make it look less daunting to read. If people see an extreme amount of dialogue clumped together, that is a turnoff on the Internet and they will click right off your site.

8. Use  a subheading to describe each article section. Making it simple to scan as well.  Some people do not have time to read every word of an article. The sub headings allow people to easily find the part of the article they are interested in reading. 

Keep your subheadings interesting.  Readers often scan your article reading only the sub-headings. The decision to read the article often falls on how appealing your sub-headings appear.  

How to Write an Article that Stands Out 

9. Don't be afraid to share your opinion.  It makes the article more interesting if you let people know your point of view instead of just commentating. Keep your writing alive and interesting all the way through.  Adding your opinion is one way to accomplish that.

10. Tell stories to make your point.  You would be surprised how popular story telling is in an article.  It helps people comprehend what is happening while delving deeper into the story.  I did not always think that storytelling was the way to go until I started to add them into some of my articles.  I was shocked to find out the articles where I shared a story always ended up being one of the most popular. 



11. How to write an article means, do not use big stuffy words that you would never use when having a conversation.   Keep it simple and be authentic.  It won't help your writing to throw in words that most people have never heard of.

Actually, using unrecognizable or difficult to pronounce words will harm the article.  Keep the writing at a 7th-8th grade level.  You don't want people tripping over your words.  When you keep it at the 7th grade level all ages will be able read and enjoy your article and you will still sound articulate.

12. It's always a great idea to write a article summary at the end of your piece  especially an article that has a lot of instructions.  Like the one, I'm writing.  It makes it easier for your readers to retain the information.

13. Have some guts!  Get out of your comfort zone that is where the magic happens. Yes, you must have confidence in yourself and your writing. If you don't believe in yourself, how can you expect your readers to believe in you? Take some risks when writing and try new things that you haven't done before.

A couple of things you can do is to insert more of your unique point of view or tackle  subjects you previously shied away from. You may want to try pictures that go beyond a standard one dimensional everyday picture.

Pictures say a thousand words and can hook a reader in from the beginning. Keep the pictures true to the content but choose something that draws in your audience and makes them think.  

How do you know if you have a killer headline and a drop dead awesome picture? When those two things describe to your reader what the article is about.  Both your headline and picture need to tell the story.  If they don't dump them and find ones that do.  That is what will keep people coming back to your blog. 

Playing it safe never won anyone a Pulitzer Prize. You might fail once in awhile but when you succeed, it will be worth it!



 How to Write an Article Summary That People Remember


Here's my article summary that goes over briefly the major points you want to remember.  Always write about what you know. Let your personality shine through your writing while taking risks. Make sure your headline is a massive attention grabber. Add value plus ten, go the extra mile all WINNERS do.  

The opening  of your article must be engaging, the opening paragraph offers a glimpse of what's to come.  Use mystery in your writing that creates anticipation. 

On the Internet, keep your paragraphs size down to 3-4 sentences.  In each new section of your article use descriptive sub-headings alerting your reader to what each section is about. Don't be afraid to give your opinion and tell a story whenever you can. Lastly, an article summary at the end is always helpful. 

Share any tips on How to Write an Article  or your thoughts on what I have shared below and let's get this conversation started. Have you ever tried making money with your blog? I would love to know.  Leave your questions here as well and I will get back to you soon.  

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