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Written By  Dawn Abraham

How to Get a Positive Thinking Mindset That Gives You the Blueprint for a Spectacular Life

I can see that positive thinking needs to make more than just an appearance on the planet it needs to make a serious emergence.

The secrets to positive thinking that everyone is dying to know

There are too many people caught up in a fear-based reality on earth. There is a lot of uncertainty and blame that seems to be going around. My response is, “Look at the situation from a different point of view.”

When we start blaming other people for our misfortune, we turn ourselves into the victim. When you are a victim you have no choice, you lose your power.

Most people do not realize that they are creating the ONE thing they DO NOT want to happen by talking about the one thing they do not want to happen, repeatedly.

Any kind of energy is contagious, when you keep repeating negative thoughts; you are pretty much sealing your fate. Take a moment and think about this.

If we have the power to bring on bad situations by focusing on them we also have the same power to create wonderful situations by focusing on them. It cannot work any other way. The opposite of negative thinking is positive thinking. If you do not believe in this, it is probably because you do not understand how to accomplish it.

One of the first things I tell people in any situation when they start to tell me a doomsday side of life is what is the opposite of what you just said?


If you stop for a moment and think about the opposite of what you said that is a powerful method for getting past a bad attitude. “What is the opposite of fear or worry?” For example, if you are complaining that no one is buying and your business is on a down slide because of all the fear that is out there, the opposite would be you have more than enough clients and people will always buy from you because what you offer is something of value that they need.

Now if you are operating from that positive thinking place how does that affect your life as opposed to the negative way of thinking?

Positive thinking quote your future doesn't require a great past

We all have times we feel down and get in a low or stressed mood. There is not a human being alive that does not have a fluctuation of moods. Do not feel bad that you feel bad and do not feel bad that you need help getting out of that emotional low place.

It is what it is and no matter what you think, everyone on this planet has felt down. That part of life is not going to change and I recommend not wasting your time trying to figure out how to change that.

What you can change is your thoughts about the situation or circumstance. It may even turn out that letting the thoughts that are producing bad or negative emotions alone is the best way to go.

Yes you heard me correctly, I said leave them alone. Do not waste your time trying to change any of it, just let the negative thought go by or bye and put your attention on the positive solutions.

That means do not keep talking about it, do not dwell on it because that is thinking about it. Let it go and never take it on. If you never let it in you will not get so low you cannot get out of that feeling on your own.

Once you realize it really is that easy your whole life will change forever. You will go from hell to heaven right here on earth.

What you just did is change your perception to positive thinking. Now when you do business and go out into the world you are creating a positive energy and that feeling and attitude will spread to other people as well.

People in general want to be around other people that are happy and feel good about themselves and life. Remember that the next time you are talking about how bad it is out there and wondering why it affects some people and not others. Positive thinking brings more positive people and positive experiences.

At this point take a minute and think back; to what it is you are spreading around to all the people, you know. Are you telling them all the gloom you read in the paper or hear on the news? If you are spreading the gloom at this point is where you want to turn that around and start doing the opposite… today right now.

  "Successful Thoughts Will  ATTRACT Successful Circumstances" 

This story I am about to tell you is a perfect example of positive thinking. My mother who is a very successful top rated real estate broker and has been for the past thirty years.

She is not suffering in this economy nor has she in any economy. She lives in Manhattan Beach CA. The real estate market here was not exactly booming.  Yet that had not affected my mom's business at all. In fact, it was booming.   My mother is in the top 1% of all agents and brokers in her company and she always has been as long as I can remember.


I am going to share with you one of the biggest secrets out there to positive thinking. It is something my mother told me years ago about her feelings concerning her career the real estate market, which by the way this applies to any profession.

She said, “No matter what happens with the market I will always make money, always.” I looked at her in amazement and asked, “Why is that?” Very seriously she said, “People will always have to sell real estate and there will always be people to buy it and there is no reason why they wouldn't do it through me.” Now that is positive thinking plus confidence.

I never ever forgot that, she showed me that when you believe something and you know what you are doing you will always do well. No matter what is going on with the economy or anything for that matter, your attitude will prevail.

Always Remember Your Focus Determines Your Reality

I have watched her over the last thirty years and she was right she has always been a top producer in every market and there have been many difficulties over the years and she always sailed right through. It is the people who panic and start buying into all the negativity and bad news that suffer.

I try not to watch the news very often for that very reason. I do not see the point of hearing all negative and sad things that happen to people. When the news starts adding positive thinking segments to the show that is when I will watch it.

What I do for a living coaching and consulting entrepreneurs on how they can grow their business and take it to the next level.That will never go out of style. There will never be a lack of people wanting to make more money and grow their business. I believe that working with me so they can realize those dreams is what most people choose to do.

How to Get a Positive Thinking Mindset

Therefore, I will always have more than enough business in any economy and so far, that has always been true for me. Ask yourself, why not me?


You too want to adopt that kind of mindset and positive thinking attitude. It is really that simple we just like to complicate things. You have two choices in life you can be part of the problem or someone who delivers the solution, which one are you?

My secret here is not only changing your perspective from lack to abundance.  When someone tries to tell you different tell them, you feel confident in knowing people will always need your service/product and they have no reason not to do business with you.

When you come across someone who has nothing to say but bad news share with them that spreading bad news is not the solution it is only contributing to the problem.

Positive thinking has always paid off for me and there is not any reason it cannot happen for you too. 

If you are struggling with your business or career and feel that you are not where you want to be we need to talk. I will be able to tell you after a brief Q & A What I can do to Kick Start your business into high gear. Get your FREE 15 minute consultation today and let's get you on the road to making your dreams a reality. 

Share your thoughts about positive thinking mindset and what you think about this subject. The more the merrier leave a comment below. 

I wish for you all the happiness and success the universe has to offer. 

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