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Written By  Dawn Abraham

3 Easy and Effective Relaxation Techniques That Will Take You to Heaven!

Relaxation techniques that will have you feeling blissful in minutes.

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Are you feeling stressed out and ready for a nice soothing change? Does going to heaven sound good?  Come with me and you will discover the rejuvenation power of relaxation as I take you through the techniques that saved my sanity.

You might not realize how dangerous stress can be if gone untreated. Stress is the number one cause of heart disease in this country. I know how crucial it is to have simple easy relaxation techniques that creates a sense of well being.

Everyone needs to spend some time re-charging their batteries. It's important to schedule time everyday to take a break from the day to day pressures we all put on ourselves. I'm going to share the top methods I have found for creating balance and calm in my life. You too can take away the same benefits, a clear mind, more energy and a youthful appearance.

One of the benefits to a deep state of relaxation, your creativity is able to flow. When your creativity is no longer stifled success and happiness are sure to follow. I will take those benefits any day... oh wait I did. :)

Let’s get started with picturing a peaceful and calm body. Take a minute to close your eyes and just let goooo… feel your body relaxing.

The Relaxation Technique Video 

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1. Relaxation Techniques Not Just Any Type of Breathing

Breath is the essence of life...

They way you breath will change your life. We all have a powerful source within that is available to us at all times.

Slow deep breathing from your diaphragm for deep relaxation.

Find a quite place to sit or lay down. Put your hand on your stomach and slowly breathe out. Let all the air flow out of your body. Slowly take in the air as you feel your stomach expand. Put your focus on the in and out of your breath.

As you breathe in hold your breath for a moment and slowly release. Feel how wonderful it is to let the air out of your lungs and diaphragm. Do this exercise for ten minutes. Take your time and get into a natural easy rhythm.

This relaxation technique can be done safely anywhere. If you find yourself feeling nervous or anxious stop and take some deep slow breathes. 

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2. Relaxation Techniques Not Just Any Meditation

Meditation is another special gift you can use at a moments notice. The act of meditation it's self is to clear your mind of thoughts. The more clear your mind is the more you can tap into your higher consciousness where every answer to every question is available to you.

The more you know about how everything in life works the more you can make decisions based on that knowledge to bring you a life of happiness peace and balance.

Clear intention meditation. Have a clear intention in mind that you want to experience. Find a quite place and hold the image in your mind. Imagine that you are on a beach relaxing in the sun. Pick a scene that induces relaxation.

By using guided imagery you can work through fears or problems by seeing everything work out the way you would like.

Spend fifteen to thirty minutes visualizing a peaceful scene such as the beach or a beautiful garden with a waterfall. Picture the green grass all around you.

Imagine you are lying in a field surrounded by soft green moss you don't have a care in the world you are completely at peace with the world. See yourself slowing melting into the universe and becoming one with everything.

Take your time to really allow the breeze to sweep over your face. Allow the feeling of well being to wash over you.

Keeping your focus on your breath for another five minutes and them slowly open your eyes.

If you are new to meditation and relaxation techniques and are unable to stay in this state for long I suggest you start with a guided visualization or meditation it makes all the difference. I have some very popular free visualization and meditation Mp3 downloads. that will guide you into a relaxed state within minutes. 

“Enlightenment is a state of whole-ness of being “at one” and therefore at peace.” Eckhart Tolle

3. Relaxation Techniques Not Just Any Zen Technique

Calming a turbulent mind. A great Zen technique is too empty the mind. You can try a number of different ways to achieve this.

You can picture a black canvas in your mind. Another relaxation technique is to use a mantra or sound such as ommmm where you put your focus on the word or sound that you are repeating.

I like to picture a candle flame.

I close my eyes and see the flame burning bright. As you picture the flame allow yourself to go beyond your mind into a complete state of relaxation.

Feel yourself become one with the flame.

This can be very powerful and profound. Allow yourself to get lost in the flame. Any time a thought comes to mind go back to the candle flame.

Do this relaxation technique for ten to twenty minutes. When you are finished take five minutes to slowly come back to your surroundings. Feeling completely relaxed and at peace with everything around you.

Have you ever used any relaxation methods? Let me know what you think of having easy to use tips to get you to feel comfortable in seconds.  I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave your message below along with your website URL. 

I wish for you all the happiness and love the Universe has to offer!

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