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Written By  Dawn Abraham

Do You Say Yes to Life...How to Live a Powerful Exciting Life

Say yes to life is a powerful and life altering concept

Just think what it would be like to live your life with the attitude, say yes to life. Do you realize how many doors would open for you that previously had closed?

It means you are open to all possibilities. You are flexible. You are not afraid to take risks.

say yes to life

Do you know how fabulous your life can be when you are open and willing to participate fully?


You might think you know what saying yes to life is all about... do you really? Does your life reflect this incredible concept?


I have found that most people do not realize just how powerful they really are. Funny isn't it? Think about that for a minute…


You are so powerful that you can create anything you can imagine. It is absolutely true!

Say yes to life is a philosophy of many of the great teachers and visionaries of our time.


I first came across that term a number of years back when I was reading Eckhart Tolle's book, “The Power of Now” It is a truly thought provoking statement. I remember that at first I didn't entirely understand the full magnitude of just how eye opening that assertion is.


I will share a story with you how a client of mine did a 180-degree turn just by implementing the Say Yes to Life Approach.

Whatever you experience repeatedly frequently and externally is a reflection of your inner state"
~Eckhart Tolle

Say Yes to Life and Watch the Opportunities open up all around you... Yes, the Things in Life You Do Not Have Now.

Let’s call her Joan for the sake of this story. Joan who is a successful businesswoman on paper came to a point in her life where she was wondering what her existence was really about.


She was discontent, on edge and miserable in her life. Looking in she seemed to have everything in life. She had a successful career she had a family that loved her she was healthy and fit. If all of that were true then why did Joan feel so empty?


She came to me for help and support and of course, I listened with an open mind. She was deliberating the point of life, mostly the point of her life.


Would it really matter if she were ever born she would ask me? After listening to her and really feeling her pain and confusion, I could appreciate she needed to move on in her life, she was stuck in a time warp. It was time for her to go on to new phase in her professional life. That idea scared her to death.


She had stayed in her career long after the joy was gone, mostly for the money and security the position brought her. Her passion for that career had dwindled away bit by bit until there was nothing left.


I could clearly see her pain was coming from her resistance to change. Her reluctance to say yes to life and move forward was her predicament. That meant changing her career and life to match who she was today. Joan's needs and values had changed over the years but everything else stayed the same.


No wonder she was feeling empty and lost, her life had become stagnate, and shallow because she wasn't moving forward. In order for us to grow, we have to change and when we stop that process, we will feel empty and confused and if you leave that unattended, it will turn into depression.

A girl celebrating believe in yourself

Once Joan realized she was stopping herself from growing and experiencing her life and career which is the opposite of saying yes to life.  She  turned that around and found  the opportunities in her life and started moving forward.


It wasn't until then did she truly find her purpose in life. At the age of 42, Joan took on a completely new career and outlook in life, much as I had previously done.


The minute she stopped saying no and started to say yes to life, everything began to shift for her. Everything about Joan started to change when she allowed herself to move in a new direction. I don’t think I have ever seen her as happy as she is today.


She left her corporate bigwig position and today she is on her way to becoming one of the most respected women authors and speakers for inspiration of our time. That never would have happened had Joan not said yes to life.


Notice how you stop yourself in your own life. How many times do you find all the reasons why you can’t do something? When was the last time someone presented you with a wonderful opportunity that you knew was great but you said no because you were afraid to leave where you are right now?


When was the last time someone asked you to try something new and you made an excuse why you couldn't or wouldn't do it?

A heart of water drops

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Say Yes to Life Means Taking Risks! Sound Easy? How Many Real Risks Have You Taken This Week? 

For me saying yes to life has always been one of the reasons I have experienced so many incredible things in my life. I tend to say yes much more then I say no.


I have went through periods in my life when I started to say no more than yes and looking back at those times they were the darkest periods in my life, a time that was filled with fear and hesitancy.


As I look back on that time I can see how closed off to new experiences I really was. If you feel like something is missing in your life but yet you are reluctant to change anything you surly can expect more of the same.


When you take away something from this article today take away that being open to all possibilities is what makes life so much fun. Find a way everyday to embrace your life and celebrate it by saying yes to life.


Do find yourself more of a no person than a yes person, or the other way around? Let us know join the conversation and let's change some lives and share what you are going through. 

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I wish for you all the happiness the Universe has to offer!

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