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Written By  Dawn Abraham

Heal my relationship with my ex boyfriend Jonathan and let us get back together.

by Lauren
(Melbourne, VIC, Australia )

Dear Universe,

I have been utilizing the law of attraction and doing everything possible to manifest all the good things I want in my life.

You have been so kind as to grant me the things I've asked you for, and I will always be grateful for that. Today I come to with divine love and energy.

My order is to manifest my ex boyfriend Jonathan back into my life. I know I have already asked you for this and I have been putting all my energy and positive thoughts toward achieving this. You already granted me my first order where I asked for the opportunity to see my Jonathan again and you did as I asked and brought him back to me after we had not seen or spoken to each other for 2 months. And even though he has a girlfriend we ended up spending the night together which was full of passion and we definitely reconnected. As a result he is now confused. Even though he has moved on with another girl he no longer knows if he made the right decision. I know he wants to talk to me and rebuild our relationship but at the same time he feels he needs to give this other girl a chance.

So I come to you dear universe to ask that you give him the strength and courage to choose me. I know that we are meant to be, and I know that he knows it too. If he didn't feel that way

then he wouldn't of contacted me to see him in the first place. I ask that you put me in his heart and let his feelings for me grow so strong. Let his feelings for me be stronger then what he feels for this other girl. Remind him of all the good times we shared together. I wish that whenever he thinks of me he can't stop himself from smiling and feeling happy.

I wish that he would allow himself to miss me and want to contact me again. I wish that he would stop being stubborn and forget the bad things that happened between us that caused our relationship to end. I want him to see that I am not the same person and that I have changed. I want him to realize that I have changed for him and I am so happy that he was the one who gave me the courage to improve myself.

I want him to desire me like he used to. I want him to call me and talk on the phone to me like he used to. I want him to text me like he used to. I wish that he would realize that he can't be with this girl because he knows he's still in love with me. I want him to give us another chance.

I am open and ready to create my order and thank the Universe for giving you the means and opening the doors that will allow your cosmic order to manifest.

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